Case Studies

Unmanned Fuelling

Construct, install and commission a greenfield 24/7 unmanned heavy vehicle refuelling facility for a major oil company client.

Spill Grates

Develop a solution to create a fully mobile hard standing bunded containment area for use where large vehicles refuel or fuel is handled outside a bunded containment area.

Solar Trailer

The self bunded 1,200litre mobile refuelling trailer is the workhorse of the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go hire fleet and its reliability and application is unsurpassed so how to make it even more reliable, user and environmentally friendly all at the same time?


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go provided a Diesel and AdBlue storage and dispensing solution combined with an Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) at Puma Energy’s Longreach – QLD site

Commercial Fuelling

Supply, install and commission 14 refuelling sites spread across Eastern Australia.

Christmas Creek

Fuel storage solution to maintain supply for the powerhouse at the Fortescue Metal Group’s (FMG) Christmas Creek mine site.

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