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00. In the rental agreement I see no specific mentioning of sewerage tax. The Cyprus Social Insurance Scheme If you already have a job in Cyprus If you are already working in Cyprus you should be aware that there is only one Social Insurance Scheme (SIS) which covers all the employed and self-employed persons. 15/07/2015 · I rent a place and just received a bill for sewerage tax that is shown as calculated as % of the value of the place in 1980. Tax Law & Tax Planning Services. 30 and at 18. Special Defence Contribution. The Republic of Cyprus’s legal framework has turned the country into an attractive destination for foreign investors and a reputable regional hub for the provision of services. 1 fm provides a series of programmes for English speakers, including news at 13. . L. When you are dealing with the land registry office in Cyprus bear in mind that the system here is not computerised and therefore there is a lot of paperwork involved. Radio and Television If you want to keep in touch with both local and international news during your holidays, CyBC's second radio programme on 91. The Forum was a complimentary, invitation-only event, capped at 150 participants, and was opened by the Minister of Finance, Harris Georgiades. M Audit and Tax Services Limited is a progressive firm of Chartered Certified Accountants located in Limassol, Cyprus. A. Now I have also noticed Information. I am supposed according to contact to pay for used services, water, electricity , garbage removal which of course make sense. Income Tax. Specifically, Article 9B of the Income Tax Law of 2002 as amended provides for a notional interest deduction for tax purposes on new equity capital injected into Cyprus resident companies or permanent establishments of foreign companies in Cyprus …Please be informed that on 18 December 2018 the Cyprus Tax Department announced that the submission deadline for Country-by-Country (“CbC”) Reports for …9/06/2017 · To celebrate the official launch of its operations, Chelco VAT Ltd organised in the morning of Friday, 9 June 2017 the very first-of-its-kind, Limassol VAT Forum 2017. Tax Resident Individual. The country is distinguished and renowned for its tax legislation which provides legal persons with significant advantages. We are also registered auditors regulated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Cyprus (ICPAC). How much contribution you pay, and how you pay it depends on • How much you earn andCyprus Land Registry Offices Tips on dealing with Cyprus Land Registry. The gross worldwide rental income, after a 20% exemption and certain allowable deductions, is pooled along with all other taxable incomes of that person and taxed in accordance with the Cyprus personal income tax band rates*3/03/2017 · The Cyprus Tax Department has recently announced the official 2017 reference rates to be used for Notional Interest Deduction (NID) purposes

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