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Do macho brace and pokerus stack

With macho brace, its ev are x4!! Pokérus is cured after 72 hours on the party from the time of infection; Pokémon cannot be cured …5/08/2009 · If your Salamence has macho brace and Pokerus, it would gain 4 Attack EV's from defeating a Machop, that is 1 EV for machop, 1 EV with macho brace, double that with Pokerus…Pokémon Diamond & Pearl did a lot to help make EV Training better, most importantly by adding the extremely useful Power Items — Power Belt, Power Bracer, etc. If you want to know how to use it effe25/08/2007 · how do i cure the PKRS virus on pokemon daimond? Answer Save. Unfortunately, you only get one Macho Brace, so, unless you’re doing an Only-Run, if you want those doubled-powered Pokemon, you need at least Pokerus. That’s right: A Pokemon can be FOUR times as powerful with a Macho Brace and Pokerus. htmWalkthrough - EV Training and Training Areas Walkthrough for Pokemon Diamond Nintendo DS: Ok so, after 26416418419 eggs, you have finally bred the perfect pokemon. com/question/index?qid=20100128123018AAs5YVh28/01/2010 · Best Answer: Ok to get the Macho Brace, I don't really know what the HELL you're talking about cloacks and **** like that. These items, combined with the usefulness of the Vs. Or, you are satisfied with whatever pokemon you got but now you want to really maximize its abilities. Seeker, make EV Training in the Sinnoh games pretty smooth. 15/07/2008 · nope, smiley face means that pokerus is gone but the pokeman had it pokerus lasts for 2 days but you can 'reset' that before times up by storing and then retrieving the pokemon from the pc and the brace doesn't do anything to speed evs it just lowers your BASE speedThe short answer: give it to a Pokemon whose physical Attack stat you want to improve, then just battle with said Pokemon; the Power Bracer will allow that Pokemon's Attack to improve faster with each battle. You have decided that this pokemon has to be on your team and you know what its role is. The Macho Brace can be obtained after defeating all 4 members of the Winstrate family on Route 111. It is generally very good. A at the end of the fight no matter the pokemon you are battling with, well Status: ResolvedAnswers: 6how do i get macho brace in pokemon platinum? | Yahoo Answershttps://uk. 2 Answers. Best answer. The last hold item is the Macho Brace and it functions similarily to Pokerus, as it doubles the EV gain from a knockout. The Equation is this : 2(x+4) Let's say you fight a Fearow (2 Speed EV's) with pokerus and you're lens. These items are officially located in the Battle Maison in Battle Resort in OR/AS and can be purchased at the price of 16 BP. cheatsguru. Having a Pokemon hold these items while having Pokerus is called “Stacking”, by the way. Relevance. AFL Fanatic. It doubles ev points as macho brace does. com/nds/pokemon_diamond/walkthrough/1504918. yahoo. 1 decade ago. Lv 5. To get the Macho Brace you have to find a male and female Combee, this can be a problem though since you can only find Combee when you slather a tree with Honey (first you slather it with Honey, then wait about 24 hours, go back to that tree and press A, a Pokemon will Status: ResolvedAnswers: 3Walkthrough - EV Training and Training Areas Walkthrough www. Pokerus is very rare, in fact 1 out of 8000 will get it. This guide covers P . answers. Well, that 10/01/2008 · Best Answer: Well I read that it it indeed the first one, the equation for those types of pokerus-item combos works at the end of every bonus just like the macho brace. I guess you know you're lens give 4 EV on SP

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